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The game that almost is: Maxim Pinball


This reminds us of that pool game with strippers ...

Zen Studios is trying to combine two great tastes into one: pinball and the girls of Maxim. According to the product pitch (discovered by Siliconera), "MAXIM PINBALL for the Sony PSP™ is a pick-up-and-play pinball title featuring the kind of content expected from any product bearing the Maxim name: babes, sports, gadgets, fantasies ... whatever fits the lifestyle interests of today's young adult male."

The studio is currently looking for a publisher and thinks the game will resonate quite well with the PSP audience. "Maxim Pinball provides a compelling experience that is sure to appeal to the PSP's™ core demographic: males age 18-34." If this game became reality, would you buy it?

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