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Warhammer Online: an interview of massive miniatures


Tentonhammer have recently posted an interview with Erik Mogensen, Licensing Manager of Games Workshop, about the upcoming Warhammer Online. The interview focuses on the problems of turning a tabletop miniature game into a top-flight MMO, and whether EA Mythic have had difficulty adapting to the licensing requirements that Games Workshop need.

Licenses and MMOs are curious bedfellows, and it's a separate kind of balance that -- although Erik is very upbeat about the work that's been done by Mythic, it's usually much less flexible than the PvE and PvP side of things. On the one hand, it's instant market saturation -- you don't have to explain what a Klingon or a Lightsaber is to anyone. On the other hand, condensing a universe into a single game will never be easy.

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