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AMOI busts out vaguely familiar Windows Mobile smartphone

Chris Ziegler

If we were to pick two smartphones to use as inspiration for our own work, we're not sure we'd go with a curious amalgamation of Motorola's Q and the BlackBerry Curve -- but here it is, AMOI's memorably named "GSM6711A." For what it's worth, the phone actually looks like it could be a solid (if not plain) Windows Mobile 6 Standard handset on account of its utilitarian design, seemingly well-spaced keyboard, BlackJack-esque matte black finish, and trackball navigation. We'll leave it at that since the lack of GSM 850 puts this outside the grasp of our American readers anyhow, but we're still holding out hope we'll manage to get our hands on some legit AMOI kit via AT&T's SMT5700.

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