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Bungie: Heroic Map Pack pricing isn't left up to us

Dustin Burg

The announcement and impending release of Halo 3's Heroic Map Pack hasn't been met with overwhelming praise, specifically due to the content's pricing. 800 Microsoft points for three (yes, three) multiplayer maps is a bit spendy and translates to a higher cost per map than the once uber expensive Hidden Fronts maps offered by Gears. But Bungie wants you to know that they feel your pain and that they do not have any input to how much Halo 3 DLC costs.

Speaking in this week's Bungie Weekly Update, Frankie talks about all kinds of Halo 3 updates going on and mentions the DLC pricing saying that the it is "not something we decide unfortunately – but in the long term, like those Halo 2 maps they'll eventually be free of charge". Which is true, the fact that the maps will eventually become free content. But the fact is that diehard Halo fanboys want the content now and 800 points is, well ... 800 points. Maybe we have to accept that Microsoft Game Studios loves their spendy DLC and sometimes we just have live with it and not buy a latte this week. But lattes are so good ...

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