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New WotLK screens

John Himes

A couple of days ago the European WoW site updated their Wrath of the Lich King page with a couple of new screenshots. If you're like me, any chance to devour new information about the expansion is welcome. You can see the first new shot at the top of this article and I've included the second below.

The first shot looks like a different angle of an area we've seen in previous pictures. There doesn't seem to be a lot we can glean from this photo, but you can see a Forsaken town in the far distance. If I had to guess from the terrain, I'd wager that we're looking at one of the starter zones, the Howling Fjord. What do you think? See anything I'm missing?

The second shot contains some unknown architecture. While it looks similar to the top of Utgarde Keep, it is different enough to still warrant speculation. What do you think we're looking at here?

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