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Ziff Davis staff holds impromptu GameSpot rally

A number of Ziff Davis staffers (including a few writers for 1UP, arguably GameSpot's biggest competition) recently crafted an uplifting banner and marched to the GameSpot offices just two blocks away. The demonstration was a response to the recent unexplained firing of GameSpot contributor Jeff Gerstmann. After hearing the rumors that Gerstmann was fired due to pressure from advertisers following his lackluster review of Kane and Lynch, the ZD staff decided to show their support for their fellow gaming journalist.

Patrick Klepek, news editor for 1UP, stressed to us that the rally was not intended to mock Gerstmann or the GameSpot staff. He said he recognizes that "even though 1UP and GameSpot are competition, what's happening over there includes industry-wide ramifications, when the dust finally settles." That is, assuming that the rumors of shady dealings surrounding Gerstmann's termination from the company prove to be true.

While 1UP's status as GameSpot's lead competitor might raise concerns that they're just fueling the anti-CNET fires that have been popping up around GameSpot's forums, it's our opinion that this was a sincere showing of solidarity and good will among video game writers. We certainly hope that GameSpot's staff gets the message.

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