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PS3 Poll Police: Scandal at the Gamespot!

Nick Doerr

In light of recent events, the Poll Police are scrounging up every resource they have to scramble to the streets and get your thoughts on the conundrum that befell Gamespot. If you are unaware of the scenario, read up on it here, or listen to a very short version by us. Jeff Gerstmann was fired from Gamespot for a ton of rumored reasons, the most prominent being a negative review of Kane & Lynch, which caused Eidos to pull out all the advertising revenue from the site. Advertising pressure to give a game a positive score, mostly. Anyhow, we'd like to gauge your thoughts on the situation: is there more than meets the eye, or is this all there was to it? Is it fair or not?

How do you feel about Gerstmann's termination?
He was wrongfully executed, so to speak.
Gamespot lost a lot of money, so he needed to go.
There was something more to this, so I don't know.
He was biased and this is a part of restructuring Gamespot. free polls

Whatever the decision, we can't reverse what's happened. A lot of Sony fanboys criticized Gamespot for having a glaring anti-PS3 bias in their reviews, which may or may not be substantiated by equally questionable pressure from "advertisers" or "sponsors" or whoever. If this is part of a restructuring for Gamespot in their practices, and letting Jeff go was the first step in getting the site back in order, that's a different story. However, the world is a shady place and the lack of solid information in this event makes us wonder what the scoop really is. Last week's poll results are after the jump.

How about that. We've got about half of you saying that over the Eat Lots of Food holiday, PS3's were getting sold fairly well. A quarter of you saw nothing out of the ordinary or even saw returns of PS3's. Really? We don't buy it, though we're logical in thinking "who the hell would return something on Black Friday?" What's nice to see is that about the last quarter of you (give or take a bit, we're rounding up) are readers from out of the country. It's great to know our readership extends this far, as it didn't just a year ago. Not relevant to the poll, but still good to know our site is on your mind! Thanks for voting!

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