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Apple Store 14th Street opening time confirmed


Are you ready to shop and roll? As we reported last week, the 14th Street ("Meatpacking") Apple Store in NYC is due to open this Friday, and official Apple e-vites went out earlier today. New York City's fourth Apple retail outlet (three in Manhattan, one on Staten Island -- no love for Brooklyn, Apple? What's up with that?) will be opening to the public at 6 pm on Friday 12/7. The store will be open 9 am to midnight Mon-Sat and 9-7pm on Sundays.

As was noted last week, the subway icons above are a bit misleading, as none of those lines actually gets you especially close to the store -- the 1 stops at 14th Street and 7th Avenue, but then it's a long walk into a stiff Hudson River wind to get to 9th Ave. and the store location. The closest subway is actually the E train (or A/C/L... heh heh), at 14th and 8th Ave. Be sure to send us your pictures and impressions if you head over for the opening!

Thanks Rich, Brian and everyone else who sent this in

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