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Busted Rock Band axe? Here's a free game for your trouble

Darren Murph

Just days ago, we heard that the Rock Band team would be replacing faulty axes with haste, but alas, they haven't been able to come through as promised to all customers. Reportedly, a "late shipment from its manufacturer" has caused some gamers to pace around frantically while suffering through an "unacceptably long delay," but rather than sitting idly, EA will be offering up a free game to those who are forced to wait. Certain customers have already received emails notifying them of their reward for patience, but interestingly, there's no mention of what game will be handed out. 'Course, it also states that "details will follow shortly," so here's to hoping it's a title worth playing (or eBaying, at the very least).

[Via Joystiq, thanks Mike]

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