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Deal of the Day: 4GB Memory Stick for $20 [Update]


This is the cheapest 4GB Memory Stick we've ever seen. The SanDisk 4GB Stick is an unadvertised special that's only available at brick and mortar Circuit City stores (no online shopping, sorry!). Item #SDK SDMSG4096A50 is what you'll be looking for. MXPowar from CAG gives some shopping advice for this rather lucrative deal: "In case, you are afraid of this being out of stock when you get there, I just tried this and it works, Buy it here, then choose in-store pickup and your credit card will be refunded about ~$41. A CC representative just called me about this so it is confirmed."

Good luck, shoppers.

Update: Unfortunately, it looks like the deal is dead. Guess it was a glitch that was corrected -- maybe we publicized this deal too much?

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