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Dell announces new epicly geeky WoW laptop

Chris Chester

When Dell started dropping hints a few weeks ago that World of Warcraft players simply weren't prepared for some epic announcement they had planned for December, the more easily manipulated among us immediately assumed that it must have had something to do with a Dell advertising cross-over for the anxiously anticipated Wrath of the Lich King expansion. And of course, the cynical folks retorted that it was probably just a lot of hullabaloo about a new laptop or something.

When we checked our inboxes this morning, we found out the cynics had it! Dell has announced a new WoW-ified version of its XPS M1730 notebooks. These things go far, far beyond being simply a "WoW notebook" however, as Dell has gone all out to create a gamer dreambox. Sporting an Intel Core Duo at 2.2ghz, 2 gigs of ram, a GeForce 8700M, and a hearty 17" screen, the real allure of the M1730 is its custom case, which can be tailored to your faction preference with Horde and Alliance version. It also comes with a Beta Club key card (giving you access to all future WoW betas), a pre-installed retail copy of Burning Crusade with all the updates, a WoW-themed backpack and a host of other goodies like a behind-the-scenes DVD, a soundtrack, novels, strategy guides, some CCG cards, and more.

All for the low, low starting price of $4500! That's a lot of dough for those kind of specs, but just look at the thing, it's gorgeous! Rumor is we've got one of these floating around the Massively/WoW Insider offices, so we'll let you know if the thing is as pretty as it looks... and if it's worth it!

Gallery: Dell XPS M1730

Alliance branded Dell XPS M1730Horde branded Dell XPS M1730Alliance branded Dell XPS M1730Horde branded Dell XPS M1730Alliance branded Dell XPS M1730

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