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Hop-on resurrects disposable phone for Verizon's open network

Chris Ziegler

Hoping to capitalize on Verizon's new come one, come all attitude, Hop-on's getting back into the game with its disposable CDMA handset, a concept it has been throwing around on and off for the past several years. Dubbed "The Graffiti," the phone (which isn't the least bit wasteful thanks to a recycling rebate from the manufacturer) will be distributed through Hop-on's Graffiti Wireless subsidiary for "under $50" contract-free, a price point that puts it head to head with far less disposable low-end handsets -- you know, handsets with actual "features" like displays. For what it's worth, Hop-on says that it's targeting The Graffiti at "kids, teens, seniors, tourist, vacationers, business travelers and people with credit challenges," and even though we're quite certain we won't personally be laying out the requisite cash, we're still delighted that Verizon's policy shift is making craziness like this possible.

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