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MagShoe, the "portable footwear weapons detection system"

Evan Blass

Thanks to that freaky would-be shoe bomber dude, we're all now forced to endure the embarrassment of exposing foot odor and sock holes to our fellow passengers every time we take a flight -- but thanks to a company named IDO Security and its MagShoe metal detector, this long national nightmare at airport security lines may soon be at an end. The high-speed portable device allows folks to simply stand in its dual foot bays -- shoes on -- for just a few seconds before the all clear is given, and has already been tested successfully overseas. Military Tech goes on to report that a US deployment is almost a done deal, according to the company, with the TSA currently evaluating the MagShoe for domestic use. Now, will someone please come up with a way for us to bring a bottle of water on the plane?

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