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Nokia's eco-friendly 3110 Evolve

Chris Ziegler

The just-announced 3110 Evolve candybar from Nokia is big on features. Not features of the gizmo sort, though -- quite the contrary, actually -- rather, features of the "Mother Nature will thank you" sort. As its name suggests, the phone appears to be an evolved version of the rather plain 3110 classic, a phone that features a 1.3 megapixel cam, FM radio, and a tri-band GSM radio. Certainly nothing to write home about there, but the Evolve's claim to fame is that it's rocking "bio-covers" made with over 50 percent renewable materials and comes in a box made of 60 percent recycled stuff. On the technical side, the Evolve's charger is Nokia's most efficient ever, delivering juice at a full 94 percent below Energy Star specifications. Looks like the Greenpeace love is destined to continue, eh? No word on pricing or availability for the 3110 Evolve just yet.

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