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The solar-powered toothbrush returns


Look, we know you think brushing your choppers is a chore, but perhaps it would be more interesting if you were harnessing the power of the sun in the process. We'd like to you to meet Dr. Kunio Komiyama, his good friend Dr. Gerry Uswak, and a little something they've whipped up for the Shiken company of Japan called the Soladey-J3X -- a new version of this solar-powered toothbrush. The brush -- which contains a moisture-activated, titanium dioxide rod in the neck -- works by creating a chemical reaction when light hits the rod, releasing electrons which combine with acids in the mouth to help break down plaque. The toothbrush has a solar panel at its base which transmits additional electrons through a lead wire, making this version more effective that previous iterations. The Soladey-J3X doesn't use toothpaste, but does lead to a, "Complete destruction of bacterial cells," according to Komiyama. Let's just hope no one from Crest tries to bump him off.


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