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Downtime for LotRO will fix Troll and Ranger PvMP

William Dobson

The Lord of the Rings Online forums have spilled the beans on what will be getting fixed with the game's imminent update. The downtime will occur on December 6th, from 6:00AM (ET), and is expected to last until 12PM. This patch does not really contain any new content, however, one of the fixes will open up another option for PvMP players -- or rather, re-open.

The update should bring back the option to choose Trolls and Rangers in session play, which we reported on a few weeks ago when they were disabled. At the time, they did not say how long it would be before they were reintroduced, so it's good to see this feature back in the game before Book 12 is out. The question is, will there have been other tweaks to how they play, to address the balance issues many have been complaining about? Or, looking at this thread -- do people even want them back? The scale seems to tip heavily towards 'no', with the topic-creator keeping a tally: 12 for them, and 25 against.

Other notable fixes for this update include some DirectX 10 performance improvements with shadowing. Full pre-patch notes can be found after the break.


  • Items (like Legendary Book pages) will no longer have truncated names in tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug which would periodically cause Housing Storage Containers to become inaccessible.
  • Corrected a bug in the Auction House UI where an auction's time remaining could appear to oscillate.
  • The "Aid from the Rangers" quest in the Ettenmoors should be fixed. Ranger and Troll session play are once again available.*
  • The "Mushrooms for Rivendell" quest can now be advanced when you are in a Raid group.
  • Rift chests will now remain in the world for 1 hour after the chest has first been opened.
  • We've addressed an issue where players would be killed on entering Gorthban after the death of the Balrog, Thaurlach.
  • Fixed a stuck in combat issue when fighting creatures that despawn during combat (for instance, trolls that disappear when day breaks).
  • We believe the patch will fix the error some players are encountering when trying to access their housing storage containers.
  • Fixed a stability issue triggered by changing graphics settings.
  • Fixed a visual glitch that could appear when opening a dropdown menu for the first time under DirectX 10.
  • Performance improvements made to DirectX 10 Dynamic Shadows.
* Please note that if you are one of the small number of players who encountered a problem entering Ranger play immediately after the last patch, you may still be unable to access Ranger play. We are still working on a fix for this.

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