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LotRO lorebook heads north, finds civilization


Turbine have returned to their Lord of the Rings Online lorebook groove with a spotlight on Ost Forod, one of the main outposts in the Evendim region. Last week it was wolf-men, this week it's brigands and tomb raiders. No, not Lara Croft.

Northeast of Lake Evendim (which in itself is north and east of the Shire), Ost Forod is a trading village not so much built on the bones of an ruined fortress as part of one. But by the time you visit, there's more than a little bit of trouble in paradise.

Turbine have really flexed their creative muscles for the whole Evendim area. Even if you're not a fan of LotRO, you have to admire Turbine's phenomenal handling of the enviroment; they're living and breathing lore so well it's not always obvious what's Tolkien and what's Turbine.

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