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Today in Joystiq: December 5, 2007

Ross Miller

This is a good time to remind Joystiq readers that, although quite delicious, cake is very easily made or purchased and you should not be tempted to join experiments with the promise of aforementioned pastry. Joystiq reader Alex from Binghamton University found a flier from Aperture Science seeking volunteers for experiments. Thankfully for us, he took a bunch of pictures, some of which make the poster text quite legible. Let's see if we can go an entire post without saying "the usual phrase." Check out the highlights for today:

Comparison shows significant edits to Gerstmann's Kane & Lynch review
First HotSpot begins road to recovery post-Gerstmann gate
Gerstmann-gate: Wednesday update
GameSpot addresses Gerstmann-gate concerns in depth

Readers pick best webcomic: The New Games Journalism
Today's most Zebesian video: The Metroid arcade cabinet
Wii Fanboy Weekly: November 29th, 2007 - December 5th, 2007

GameFly Tunes music downloads start today
'Guitar compatibility' patch coming soon to PS3 Rock Band
Wik devs plant The Great Tree for PC
Free 360 content now coming to Silver members a week late
Burnout Paradise demo coming Dec. 13
EA won't rule out further acquisitions
Wii, DS ninja party game strikes from the shadows in March 2008
Engadget rips open the Vii
Oklahoma Senator Coffee hot for ESRB
GameTap releases new player; now with full Mac compatibility
New Folklore content coming this month
ESA counters Hill & Knowlton's 'unprofessional and unethical' release of research
Square Enix prez sees goals clearly, PS3 fuzzy
'It's a Wonderful World' redubbed, slated for European release
DS Ghostbusters to have more sim elements
Sexual harassment charges against Itagaki dismissed

Rumors & Speculation
Michael Bay talks HD DVD and Microsoft's 'dirty secret'
Analysts sound off: What does EA do next?

Culture & Community
Zero Punctuation spares the life of Assassin's Creed
Ensemble auctions off signed 'Age of ...' series for Child's Play -- free global shipping

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