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Wik devs plant The Great Tree for PC

Jason Dobson

With 14 titles to its credit, developer Reflexive Entertainment is feeling mighty proud of itself, sticking out its chest and passing out cigars as it awaits the arrival of its 15th and latest progeny, a "grown-up story of good and evil" called The Great Tree. Set for release for the PC on December 19, the game is illustrated by the same artist behind Wik and the Fable of Souls, and even a cursory glance at this latest game's initial screens shows much in common between the two titles, namely with characters and designs that creep us right out. Even so, the game certainly looks interesting, as it lets you control a diminutive (and customizable) fairy throughout 100 different tree-filled levels, though if they are populated with creatures like that eerie tree-face thing, we're likely not to make it very far.

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