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Apple doesn't give us MMS on the iPhone, so the community does

Chris Ziegler

Golly, we heart iPhone hackers. Seriously, is there anything these cats can't do? Short of magically bestowing our favorite Apple phone (see what we did there?) with 3G data, we're pretty confident that the dev community is going to end up fulfilling every last wish that Apple doesn't. A ModMyiPhone member has busted out an early release of a true, honest-to-goodness native MMS app, filling in perhaps one of the biggest gaps in the iPhone's out of the box functionality (yeah, we know you can MMS most carriers' phones via email, but it's still super annoying), and even better, it seriously looks stock from the screen shots. It's apparently still got a few issues -- and it's send-only for the moment -- but it's a great start. Keep on keepin' on, fellas!

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