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Ask Engadget: Which are the best earbuds?


It's Ask Engadget time, which means we've got another conundrum for the collective wisdom of our learned readership (that'd be you):

"What should we stick in our ears? Apple's earbuds aren't cutting it, and most other DAP manufacturers are shipping headphones that are just as bad. We don't want to buy any old replacement set, but high-end earbuds can get ridiculously expensive real fast, and we'd like to avoid that if possible. Anything decent in the $99 range? Anything worth paying a lot more than that?"

We're sure there's somebody out there with an opinion on this, so let's see what you've got. Oh, and we're sorry for running our own staff-submitted questions a couple weeks in a row. We've been getting some great questions sent in to ask at engadget dawt com, but unfortunately most of the topics have been touched on recently or aren't quite relevant enough to dive into. Keep 'em coming and we'll get your name up in lights before you know it.

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