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Charity raffle for Child's Play

Amanda Miller

It's the season of giving, and the good folks at the Bronze Kettle have been auctioning their services for Child's Play, a gamers' charity that funds pediatric research and donates toys and games to hospitals. I am pleased to announce that the grand total of their efforts is a whopping $651 donated!

Unfortunately, they are no longer holding auctions. Instead, they have decided to broaden their efforts so more people can participate and win, without having to have a couple hundred dollars to contribute.

You will not only have the chance to win some amazing prizes, but you will also be invited to an in-game event hosted by Jon and Shelbi. As always, 100% of the donations will go directly to the charity. If you admired the prizes being auctioned, then make the jump for the full scoop!

Your chances
For every $1 that you donate, you will get one numbered raffle "ticket". For example, if you are the 35th person to donate, and you send in $1, then you will "own" ticket #35. If you donated $5, then you would have tickets 35-39. The chances you have of winning depend on the total amount donated, and therefore the number of tickets generated.

What you can win
Currently, there are fourteen prizes to be had. Although they are working hard to acquire more prizes before the scheduled event, they are also accepting donations to be awarded. If you'd like to provide a prize, contact them as soon as possible. Hint: pre-paid game cards are always a good choice. If you have programming or artistic experience, you could also brainstorm a contribution.

Prize list to date:

  1. Character transmogrification x2
  2. Starprints WoW charm x5
  3. Starprints WoW stickers (set of 3) x5
  4. Warlock and voidwalker stickers, for vehicle application
  5. Custom blog header by Shelbi
You can win more than one!
That's right; if more than one of your tickets is randomly selected, you can win additional prizes. In addition, each winner gets to select a prize, with first choosing first, and so on.

Fees (free)
Entry is by donation only. Should you win something, shipping will be taken care of by the gracious hosts. There are no restrictions on where you can live, and international shipping is still free.

The event
Stay tuned for more concrete details on the in-game raffle, hosted December 14th, 2007.

If you would like to go straight to making a donation, visit their official announcement. For more information, see our coverage of previous auctions, or visit the Child's Play website.

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