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J!nx has Warcraft gifts and paper for the holidays

Mike Schramm

If you find yourself wondering what to get a World of Warcraft fan this year for the holiday (or have family wondering the same thing), J!nx has the page for you-- they've set up both men's and women's pages for Warcraft gamers. Unfortunately all I see up front are the t-shirts (not that those aren't cool), but there are also links on the side to all the other stuff they offer.

And they've even got Horde and Alliance wrapping paper for any gift you choose to grab. Most of the people giving me gifts are pretty utilitarian at this point, so all I'm expecting from Greatfather Winter is a coffeemaker, not a mega-pack of stickers, pins, and patches. But then again, anything wrapped up in official Horde paper is 100% cooler. Blood, thunder, and holiday cheer!

[Via Wonderland]

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