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Jaffe vs. Joystiq: Hugs triumph over tirades

We all know the massive assembly of computers and routers, the thousands of miles of fiber-optic wires, and the cacophony of adolescent voices that comprise what our grandparents call the "world wide web" is good at one thing and one thing only ... okay, well two things: that other thing ... and drama. We're here to talk about the latter.

Back in May, a little situation occurred that we at Joystiq HQ have come to refer to as "Jaffe-ton." It involved several of the key ingredients of internet drama: bad words, similes, misunderstandings of similes, and a convenient one-button publishing platform. Oh yeah, and lolcats.

Following a, ahem, candid response from Mr. Jaffe to a post of ours, we wrote a heartfelt response seeking to bury the hatchet (no doubt with a series of well-timed button presses) and "bee frends." Coupled with an email to his work account, our pleas went unanswered and, consequently, our therapy visits increased.

Well, as unearthed by our pals at GameDaily in their recent interview with the game designer, it turns out Mr. Jaffe did hear our pleas via our podcast discussion of the topic (which you can relive like it was the very first time here). He tried to reach out to us but, alas, in a cruel (but poetically appropriate) twist of fate, his plea also went unanswered. He explained, "I wrote them a letter and I said, 'Guys, I never got any invites to come on your podcast and I would be happy to come on to your podcast to talk games and talk about that issue.'"

Well, Mr. Jaffe, that invite still stands (it has an expiration date of 'never') so if you'd like to be on the podcast, we'd be thrilled to have you (send us an email at podcast aat joystiq dawt com). And what did we learn from this whole affair? That, like a simile about little girls ...

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