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Want two GunCons? Buy two copies of Time Crisis 4


Namco-Bandai has a habit of doing inane things -- frequently . The company's latest misadventure involves the sale of the Guncon 3. More accurately, it's more about the non-sale of the Guncon 3. See, although Time Crisis 4 is a two-player game, only one Guncon is bundled with the game -- and you can't buy another one separately. Basically, you'll need to buy another copy of the game to get another Guncon.

The whole thing plays out on a Live Support Chat posted over at The Consumerist. The guy who contacted Namco-Bandai is informed that he can always have the second player use "a controller" if he wants to play co-op and is told, "If you wish to play two players using two Guncon 3s then you will need another copy of Time Crisis 4." Redonkulous, but not unheard of. Come on, let's break up those peripheral bundles from day one!

[Thanks, Alkaiser]

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