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Wii continues role as physical therapist


A Reuters article examines one Franklin Perry, a 51-year-old man currently working to regain his strength after suffering a stroke. Though conventional therapy still mainly aids him at the Ohio State University Medical Center's Dodd Hall Rehabilitation Hospital, spending time with Nintendo's Wii has waggled its way into his list of prescriptions. Therapists are encouraging the patients at the hospital to play 30 minutes a day, two to three times a week, noting that the energetic input not only benefits recovery, but keeps older people from rolling their eyes in boredom and lapsing into back in my day states. "The idea of sitting there fiddling a couple of buttons on a video game (controller) is not motivating or interesting at all," explains occupational therapist Robbie Winget.

As for Mr. Perry, he's just keen on heading home and getting a Wii of his own. "I wish I could find one," he says in startling unison with every parent this holiday. "Anybody that's over who wants to play can play. If not, I'll be on that thing all by myself." We just hope someone has the foresight to warn him about Cruis'n, lest he exchange physical therapy for mental reconstruction.

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