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Bungie reaffirms faithfulness to Xbox 360

Ross Miller

While still asserting its independence by moving out of the house, Halo creator Bungie has again told the world that it's still happy with Microsoft and does its best to call at least once a day (*regularity of phone calls unconfirmed). In an chat with EuroGamer, writing lead Frank O'Connor said, "We have no plans to work on any other platforms beyond [Xbox] 360 at this time." The moderator of the LiveText interview made note (perhaps jokingly) that O'Connor "wrote that before he actually saw the first question."

Production director Jonty Barnes clarified the situation. "We're really focused on continuing our collaboration in making the best games we can, and that right now is on 360," he said. "It's our hope this relationship continues to be our strongest one, as we have a lot of respect for the people we have worked with at Microsoft." Of course, with Microsoft having right of first refusal on all Bungie projects, having a negative work relationship would cause unnecessary stress and tension - can we get Dr. Phil on speed dial, just in case?

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