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DNA Direct shrink wraps DNA for future forensics

Darren Murph

Everyone could have their reasons for wanting to hold tight to a chunk of their DNA, and while many may just be creeped out by the whole premise, DNA Direct is offering those in the former camp an option. The outfit's DNA Archive enables customers to "store DNA in the safety and privacy of their own home" by mailing off a cheek (the one on your face, dur) swab full of double helices, which are then "shrink wrapped" using SampleMatrix technology and redelivered to the owner in lab-quality tubes and UV-resistant packaging. Should you wish to reconstitute the sample, just add a few drops of water and watch the magic take place. Three samples are included with each kit, so you can hide 'em away in varying locales if your situation necessitates such a dramatic action. The pain? $175.

[Via TGDaily]

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