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One Shots: Bwak!


When Lord of the Rings Online developer Turbine announced their new "session play" feature which would allow players to play as a character other than their normal character. Said Turbine, "You could play as a Ranger, a Troll, or... a chicken. It's an opportunity to explore Middle-earth from a different -- and sometimes unexpected -- viewpoint." Though many players thought this to be some sort of belated April Fools' joke, Turbine actually did introduce chicken play into the game with Book 9. And in this shot we join reader Julien exploring the dangerous world of the Shire in chicken form. All we can say is: bwak?

Do you have any screenshots in your collection that show off your favorite game from an unexpected point of view? One Shots wants to see them all, especially the ones highlighting your chickeny adventures! We only post what you send us -- so send your screenshots and stories to You may see it featured here tomorrow, same time, same place.

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