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Square-Enix's creatively-named Virtual World


The acerbic lads at Kotaku bring the snark once again with their announcement of an announcement over Square-Enix's upcoming virtual world called Virtual World ... virtual world. There, I couldn't resist.

The post's comparison to Second Life, however, is slightly off-the-mark, as SL doesn't run on ad revenues, while Sony's Home certainly will. Similarly, Virtual World will feature ads for Square-Enix games, and given that Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon will be a Wii title, there could be other Wii titles on display as well.

Besides the ability to have tea with a Chocobo, will there be any reason for people to want to enter Virtual World? And besides, everybody knows Chocobos like Gysahl Greens anyway -- I mean, duh.

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