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Video hands-on: Beats


Wait, you still didn't buy Beats yet? Maybe you need some gameplay footage? Well, fine! We made a video late last night just for you, using the PLAYSTATION Eye. While you watch, you can also read some impressions of the game we received from PSP Fanboy readers through the evening:

"Wow! This game is gorgeous! It's much more deep than I expected from a 5 dollar game. The gameplay is simple and effective. I really enjoy the visual customizations (I picked Rock as my background) and being able to play the game with any song that you want? Priceless." - Barndo111

"i am very, very happy about this game, downloaded it, and its going to be my new crack when I'm on the go! love it! anyone that has a PSP right now should download this immediately!!" - lenny0487

"The game is awesome ... who would've thought that this will be such a great game ? :D" - Alien

Keep the comments coming in, folks. We love to see what you all think of it!


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