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We're all going to hell for this


You know, posting this might not be the best idea on our part, as we're sure the video is going to offend some folks. But, we have a responsibility to bring you anything and everything Wii-related that we can find. This video, which is mainly composed of Jesus having a bad day (well, probably his worst day ever), is a parody of The Passion of the Christ, turning the film into a game for the Wii. Personally, we'd probably buy it, not because we want to beat on Jesus or anything, but because the controls would actually make for a good use of the Wiimote.

So, unless you want to see an interactive version of Jesus getting whipped and nailed to the cross utilizing the Wii, don't head past the break.

And, to make you feel better after watching the video, we've embedded a cute cat for you to look at.

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