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One Boss Leaves: Sapphiron vs. Mandokir wrap-up


It's going to come as a surprise to very few of you (about 11% of you) that Sapphiron came out ahead of Bloodlord Mandokir in our most recent match of Two Bosses Enter. I suppose it's not unexpected, as Mandokir's greatest strength (his ability to grow in power as he kills people) would do him little good in a one-on-one match with Sapphiron. In this fight, Mandokir was little more than a powerful meleer, and eaten alive by Sapphiron's death-from-above approach. The exact results of the fight are as follows:

All I can say is ouch. It looks like the Bloodlord is heading back home to Zul'Gurub with a badly bruised ego -- though after eating a few raid groups (who no doubt don't take him seriously, because he's old-world content) I'm sure he'll be right back in the game. Our next match, between Ahn'Qiraj's Moam and Zul'Gurub's Hakkar (yes, after this one-sided fight, our brackets have been rearranged to, hopefully, make for more interesting battles in the future).

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