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Second Life users support the WGA strike

Eliah Hecht

As you may be aware, the Writer's Guild of America, the folks who write our TV and movies, have been on strike for the past month-plus over (among other things) getting paid a cut of revenues for internet play of episodes. Check out our own TV Squad and the excellent Deadline Hollywood Daily for more on this important strike. But what is TV news doing on your Massively? Some inventive Second Life residents have found a way to show their support for the WGA without trekking to LA or New York, where the picket lines are: they held their own hour-long virtual picket on NBC 1, NBC Universal's main Second Life presence.

While this probably won't catch the same kind of media attention or get the network's notice the same way the physical picket lines have been, it's still a great way for people who can't easily get to LA or NY to show their support for the scribes. The organizers of this event say "Expect this to be a regular weekend event. All are welcome!", so consider stopping by next weekend if this is an issue you care about, and stop by the original LiveJournal post for more pictures.

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