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Sunday Morning Funnies: The beginning

Amanda Miller

Every weekend, I'll be rounding up the best of the recent WoW-related webcomic entries and bringing them straight to you. As a change, instead of simply commenting old stylez about your picks, for better or for worse, you'll now be able to vote on them in a poll; and who doesn't like polls?

Through the week, if you find a WoW-themed comic you particularly like, drop us an e-mail or throw the link in the comments section. Here are the picks for this week:

  1. Night Elf Guitar Hero
  3. "It burns"
  4. "Dwarven pick-up lines"
  5. Check This Out!
  6. Danesar of Daggerspine: Episode 14 - The Battle Begins!
Number one is a quickie, but some of the others will require you to take a few moments to read through them. Although, in my humble opinion, they're all worth the effort.

Cast your vote after the jump!


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