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Sync folders to your iPhone with iPhone-iSync

Chris Ziegler

Aptly named app, eh? Yeah, it'll obviously have to change prior to final release to avoid the full force of the Apple police, but name controversies aside, it looks like we've got a winner here. iPhone-iSync's eventual goal is to enable full PIM and iTunes synchronization from Macs, Linux, and Windows PCs to iPhones and iPod touches -- but the interim beta functionality is still pretty hot, offering simple folder sync instead. Automatic sync can be set up, too, which suddenly makes Apple's fanciest iPods among the coolest pocket drives on the market. Better than AFP, is it not? Only Macs are supported with the final beta release that's floating around at the moment, but look for it on ModMyiPhone shortly with Linux and Windows support.

[Via TUAW and Appletell]

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