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Adobe creates website to boast about HD with Flash

Darren Murph

As we saw with Hulu's dive into HD, Adobe's latest version of Flash does indeed support high-definition content. More specifically, it plays nice with H.264 / HE-AAC v2, but requires a fairly beefed up computer and an uber-quick internet connection in order to fully experience 480p, 720p and 1080p material. Additionally, the "flash on" portal aims to inform you of how Flash is "powering next-generation television," which sounds quite delicious, no? For those curious to see what your own content would look like if streamed out in glorious high-definition, be sure and take a peek at the Adobe HD gallery -- assuming you've got the latest version of Flash Player 9 and meet those admittedly stringent system requirements, of course.

[Via Reel SEO]
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