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Analyst: PS3 will catch up to Wii by 2011


You'll typically find that any words following a colon and the word "analyst" are interesting enough to merit some consideration, yet vague enough to pass as either calculated reasoning or transparent thumb sucking. Speaking to The Economist regarding recent Activision Blizzard mega merger, Screen Digest analyst Piers Harding-Rolls notes that consolidation makes sense in an industry where all of the competing consoles matter. Some currently matter more than most, but he suggests that in the future, it might not be the ones you expect.

Harding-Rolls reckons that by 2011, the PlayStation 3 will not only have surpassed the Xbox 360, but will have caught up with the wildly popular Wii's worldwide install base. Though the PlayStation 3 has fared better in Japan following a price drop, the results of the American cut have yet to be revealed. A notable increase in sales is likely, but will it result in a continuing trend that eventually puts it on par with the Wii? It certainly doesn't seem realistic today, but who (aside from the analysts) knows what things await in the year 2011? Perhaps our analytical friend is merely holding out for the inevitable reality tunneling device which would enable travel to a realm where all of this is true.

If you want proper closure though, be sure to bookmark this page and return to it after about four years. We'll be waiting.

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