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Breakfast Topic: What RL sacrifices have you made for WoW?

Mark Crump

There's that old saying, "Real life comes first!' Please. whom are we kidding here? We're all addicts waiting for Blizzard to patch down our next fix or release new product that will keep us up late, make us miss work, ask our spouses if it's really necessary we're at our own weddings.

This Breakfast Topic asks a simple question: What pile of complete bull... er, baloney have you spin just to play WoW? Called in sick? Told your spouse you were "working late" to play on the office LAN? Vacation time--You mean that's to go someplace? Isn't going to Nagrand "going someplace?" You said I needed to work more on my goals. Isn't getting keyed for Kara a "goal?" 'Really, Mr. Lumbergh, all of us running this instance is 'team building.' We'll even come in Saturday and Sunday to 'team build'" Bonus points if you really torqued off your significant other and you're still together.

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