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Donkey Kong becomes a monster truck

Justin McElroy

Much like getting a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, we're not sure if being transmogrified into a monster truck means that a icon has "finally arrived" or has leapt headfirst into the inky blackness of cultural irrelevance. For better or for worse, Donkey Kong, noted primate, kart racer and plumber antagonist, has just made the fateful jump.

Just as informative of the images of the Monster Jam truck (which actually bears a striking resemblance to DK) are the (plentiful) reactions of children at the ape's automotive debut, all of who attempt to describe how "cool" and "awesome" the truck is, but seem to be incapable of capturing the grandeur with mere words. Luckily, the camera pans away before they result to guttural grunts and screeching.

[Thanks, Shawn]

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