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EVE Trinity: Starbase Warfare switched back on

Matt Warner

Game on. Extending EVE's routine downtime has paid off as CCP announced earlier this morning a lift on the POS Warfare ban. The EVE popo (GMs) also issued a warning that players who exploited the cyno jumps and camped out when jammers were not functioning properly to resume their furtive cheap shots until the ban was lifted will be punished accordingly. Any players who end up losing or whom have already lost a ship as a result of another player found guilty will be reimbursed.

Yesterday, I wished for a quick-fix, and I doubted it would happen by the next day. I get to eat my own words because even if some serious bugs remain, (such as friendly brosefs not being able to use your corp's jump bridges) the ban was lifted and to a certain degree numerous POS warfare space bugs were eradicated. We can only hope that CCP continues the rampant squashing to improve the EVE Trinity player experience.

In spite of all the pitfalls, it's not all doom and gloom. CCP sounded off the bells and whistles yesterday as EVE online reached a new concurrent record on the Tranquility server. The new number stands at 41,690 accounts simultaneous floating somewhere in EVE space. I believe Second Life still currently holds the all-time record for simultaneous users on one global server, but from our coverage it looks like their server structure always has some type of problem.

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