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Game Center CX's Arino returns to the DS


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Shinya Arino, the put-upon host of Game Center CX, is also a member of a comedy duo called Yoiko along with Masaru Hamaguchi. They starred in a television special in December of last year called Mujintou Seikatsu (Deserted Island Life) in which the two of them survived on an island for three days. That sounds like a perfectly reasonable basis for a minigame collection, right?

Namco Bandai assessed the situation similarly, and thus Tottado!~ Yoiko no Mujintou Seikatsu (Yoiko's Deserted Island Life) was born. The minigames involve survival-related tasks -- building and maintaining a shelter, catching fish, and cooking -- with lots of wacky comedy faces. "I caught a fish WACKY COMEDY FACE!"

We don't need to tell you how likely we think this is to leave Japan.

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