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Grading the Horde mounts

Mike Schramm

Reader Justin sent along this witty little guide he wrote rating the Horde starting mounts in the game. From skeletal horse to the Chocobo hawkstrider, he slaps a letter grade on each mount. And although he doesn't actually ever list his criteria for grading (coolness? looks? rideability?), he does come up with some interesting ratings.

The winner? The skeletal horse comes out on top, with a grade of A-, while at dead last is actually my personal favorite, the hawkstrider (although I like the horse, too). He says the Chocobo is "only cool to 4-year-old girls and seriously deluded 17-year-old anime fans," but hey, I'm neither, and I rolled not one but two Blood Elves just to ride one. Then again, he also rates the raptor below the kodo and the wolf, so there's obviously no accounting for taste.

What do you all think? I know from experience that most of you don't like the hawkstrider (that just means my tastes are exclusive), but does the kodo deserve such a high spot on the list? And if we made an Alliance list of mounts like this (and graded them on the three criteria I listed above), what would come out on top? I'm guessing you lot would like Night Elf cats a lot more than my personal favorite, the mechanostrider. But beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the Broggok.

Update: I made a mistake-- I thought these were listed in order of rating. As our wonderful commenters point out (thanks for catching this, guys, you're the best), the ratings are as follows:

Undead Horse: A-
Troll Raptor: B+
Orc Wolf: B
Tauren Kodo: C-
Blood Elf Hawkstrider: F

So the raptor does beat the wolf and the kodo on this list. My fault completely.

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