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Jiminy Cricket is a Manga Fighter: free-to-play producer interview


Over at, there's a candid interview with YJ Jin, the producer of Manga Fighter, which is best described as a fast-paced third person shooter MMO. With hawaii shirts.

The interview is a little on the short side, but it's refreshing to hear an honest take on the distinctions between the commercial subscription market and the free-to-play sector. The tactics used for Manga Fighter? Viral marketing, email collectibles, and extended open betas that wouldn't hurt the game in the long-term. The specter of secondary markets also rears its head.

As for Manga Fighter: don't let the "fighter" part confuse you, it looks to be more Quake than Street Fighter. I'm reasonably confident it's also the first and only game to feature a (manga) Jiminy Cricket lookalike jumping on a trampoline and unloading a 9mm handgun at a gigantic gateaux. No, really.

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