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Panasonic to bundle Blu-ray players with plasmas at $500 discount -- 2 new players in January


Although coy with any detail, Panasonic just put the industry on notice with its Blu-ray plans for the US. In a move to double its Stateside market share, Panny will begin bundling Blu-ray players with their plasma TVs next week. The move specifically targets Circuit City and Best Buy among other big-box retailers and "may" result in a discount. This according to Masayuki Kozuka, a general manager in charge of the company's storage device strategy. We'll take that as a confirmed discount. After all, without a price drop, why bother -- it's not like profile 1.1 support will be the cause for that huge upsurge in sales. A Panasonic spokesman also said that they would release two new "higher-end" (read: more expensive) Blu-ray players in January. We'll likely hear more on that little nugget at CES.

Update: Well, here you have it: Best Buy's offering a $500 discount off their 50- or 42-inch plasmas when purchasing the DMP-BD30K.

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