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Cases shaped like things that aren't cases at all


Gaming sites are inundated with holiday gift guides at the end of the year, listing the best and most popular games that everyone pretty much already has (or knows about). Well, we're not going in for that this year. Our gift guide will help you find the best gifts in categories the other sites won't cover -- because we just made them up.

If you have a DS of any sort, you probably also look for something to carry it around in. Sure, you could drop it into a purse or pocket, but what if -- gasp -- it gets damaged? The best way to avoid that nightmare scenario is with a case, and during the holiday season, a time for giving, you can give the gift of security to a friend or loved one. And if you're going to do that, why go with something bland and boring? Take the extra step and give 'em something unique.

Most of the cases we'll be featuring here are the more creative sort ... which also means you may have to break out a crochet hook, a sewing needle, or raw brain power to put one together yourself. But we have faith in you, dear reader. We're certain that you're creative and handy as well as brilliant, attractive, and totally cool. You're here, right? Yeah. High fives all around.

The NES controller case

There's really no better solution for the retro gamer than something that evokes the original NES. This needlepoint creation surfaced at Craftster and even features an opening for your charger, because it's important to ensure that your favorite toy always has the juice it needs to function. Better still, a handy guide is available along with the original work, so you can get started on your own. Be warned, however -- it apparently takes a while. But you know how it goes, what with Rome not being built in a day and all. Something this awesome would have to take time!

T-Bags T-Packs

Count on Thrustmaster to produce bags with names just begging for a punfest. While Thrustmaster's T-Packs have their drawbacks, such as assuming consumers aren't sure what's appropriate or suited for their own tastes, and thus need a company to delineate choices along gender lines with their boy and girl packs, they are so appealing that we can't hate them. They come complete with lots of handy pockets and accessories, and seem well-designed despite the less-than-exciting color schemes.

The sushi mat case

Not all creative efforts have to take a lot of time. deviantARTist ChocolateBrownie put this one together from things some of us have just lying around the house -- and it holds a few games to boot! If you're pressed for time, but still want to pull off a gift that just screams loving effort, this may be a handy solution for the DS owner in your life. It's easily personalized, too!


These babies, however, will take a little more effort than threading ribbons through a mat, but they are so very worth it. Even the hardest of gamers could not resist the inherent cuteness of these sweet little knit pouches, so just imagine the reaction of someone who is not in the middle of a bar fight at the moment of gift-giving. We predict squealing and maybe a bit of bouncing. If those are the reactions you're looking for, get the knitting needles and get started. Time is running out!

The gaping maw of an animal case

What, you expected something more threatening than a bunny? We'll have you know that that's no ordinary rabbit, thank you very much -- it's a DS case! Of course, if you prefer, you could make a tiger or perhaps an antelope, but we'll stick with fuzzy bunnies for all of our homemade gifting needs.

Bonus: the Game Chamber

As a final bonus, we offer up the Game Chamber. You might be asking yourself -- just what is this thing shaped like? Sure, sure, it looks like a hexagon to the untrained eye, but we see it as being shaped like the tears of the innocent. This horrific torture device storage solution allows users to remove only one game at a time. Oh, sure, the manufacturers talk about teaching children responsibility, but we prefer to think of this thing as an example of diabolical evil. Of course DS carts belong under the couch. Where else would you look for them?

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