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Hudson developing games for iPhone and iPod Touch


The good news: Bomberman developer Hudson Entertainment is working on a series of games compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. The bad news: rather than being native to Apple's mobile OS X platform, Hudson's games will be web-based, and will be distributed via a portal with new games promised every week.

Starting tomorrow, iPhone and iPod Touch users will be able to surf to the "Do the Hudson!!" website using the Safari web browser, where they will be able to play such thrilling titles as a tile-flipping game (featuring Bomberman!!), a "Where Waldo"-style game, and a "spot the different" game.

These casual game offerings will be made available for free, although premium, paid content is a possibility for the web portal later down the line. The "Do the Hudson!!" website will also allow users to listen to classic Hudson tunes, read Hudson blogs, and watch Hudson videos. Whoopee.

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