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Rumor: Bizarre working on James Bond game

Justin McElroy

You know, up until a few years ago, James Bond games were big business. In fact, they were so hot that publishers actually created 007 plotlines (Everything Or Nothing, Nightfire) when movies weren't coming quickly enough. Sadly, since 2005's From Russia With Love, the series has sat stagnant, with the best Bond film in recent memory not even getting the video game treatment.

Now though, it appears Ian Fleming's secret agent is staging a comeback, not only with a Treyarch-developed action game but with a previously-rumored second Bond project, which EGM may have gotten the scoop on. The mag is reporting the rumor that recently-acquired Bizarre Creations is the dev behind the second project, a driving-heavy 007 outing. (If the idea sounds familiar, it should: EA took at stab at it in 2000 with the PSone's 007 Racing.) We're not sure what we're more excited about: The fact that Bizarre could be working on a Bond game, or the welcome news that there's not going to be another street racing franchise cluttering up shelves.

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