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Winter is coming to the City of... Universe


According to w00t Radio another winter storm is fast approaching Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. This year's City of Heroes/Villains Winter Event will have all the fabulous features from winter's past, including access to the Ski Chalet (from Pocket D), and the Father Time mission to save Baby New Year. But it will also have some new and wonderful additions.

When players log in they'll receive the Gifted Badge (for all those badge ho ho hoes who haven't added it to their collection yet), and a swanky set of Fuzzy Earmuffs (available at the costume shop). Additionally each player will receive two temporary powers. One is called "Holiday Spirit" and grants 48 hours of reduced (by 25%) Debt Protection (always helpful when taking on cronies of the dreaded Winter Lord); the other is "Holiday Cheer," which lets players physically give a random mystery gift to another player.

The Gamester is also back and has left every zone littered with gifts. As always some hold wondrous treats (inspirations, enhancements, or temporary powers) while others may unleash a troupe of Snowbeasts upon you.

Ya, ya... old news to veteran CoX players, so what about the new stuff? This year's even will include a new type of salvage called Candy Canes. Each successfully unwrapped present (one that doesn't drop a lump of coal) earns players a Candy Cane which can then be turned in to the Candy Keeper inside Pocket D for yet another mystery gift!

But there's more! Veteran players know that you can ski down the slopes near the chalet, but this year the slalom course will be timed! That's right Heroes and Villains... Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist Badges can be earned this go around. Exact dates have not been released, so stay tuned to the official forums for further information. You don't want to get left out in the cold do you?

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