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Atlantic Broadband expands HD lineup, adds HD VOD in Johnstown, PA

Darren Murph

While HD VOD has quite a ways to go before it becomes decently ubiquitous, Atlantic Broadband has decided to bless its Johnstown, Pennsylvania area customers with the luxury. Reportedly, an undisclosed amount of high-definition films will be available for renting at $5.99 a pop, and as if that wasn't reason enough to celebrate, these same customers are also getting two new additions to the HD lineup. Sports fans in particular should greatly appreciate getting both NFL Network and Fox Sports Pittsburgh in HD, both of which will now be included in the "regular HD package." Dave Dane, vice president of Atlantic Broadband's Pennsylvania operations, also noted that it had "some proposed HD launches for the first quarter of next year," but we're left to wonder precisely what those will be.

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